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Circle CraftSing for Life is a non-profit society that supports choirs and other opportunities to participate in the arts for people who do not normally have the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of the performing arts. It was founded by Edmonton voice teacher, Eva Bostrand, driven by her belief that almost anyone can learn to sing, and based on research that has documented the many benefits of participating in a choir. The benefits range from the physical (stress relief, strengthened immune systems), to the development of social skills, and enhanced learning opportunities.





Performing Arts Program at the Edmonton Institution for Women


Sing for Life is currently providing support for a performing arts program for inmates in the Edmonton Institution for Women.The performing arts program offers eligible inmates the opportunity to sing in a choir. Called "New Beginnings", the choir is conducted by Eva Bostrand and meets for an hour and a half on Tuesday evenings. In addition, the Sing for Life performing arts program offers piano and voice lessons to eligible inmates on a weekly basis. Sing for Life has hired a professional music teacher to provide the lessons and has purchased a piano and other instruments for the prison. Also as part of the performing arts program, Sing for Life hires and arranges for instructors to lead occasional workshops for the inmates. The workshops provide instruction in different aspects of performing arts such as drumming, body awareness/movement, and in different genres of singing such as classical, gospel and the blues. With the permission of the prison, Sing for Life also arranges for and funds concerts for inmates inside the prison.



Edmonton Downtown Men's Choir


Sing for Life also operates the Edmonton Downtown Men's Choir in collaboration with the Edmonton Public Library - Stanley A. Milner branch for men who come to the downtown library to access social programming from the social workers on staff as well as for comfort, safety and warmth. These men are in transition because they are dealing with social, medical or economic challenges in their lives such as finding a job or a stable place to live, or they are new Canadians. The purpose of the choir is to provide these men with the many physical, emotional, and social benefits that can be gained from participating in music. By introducing them to choir it also gives them the opportunity to join a new supportive community of choral singers. The choir meets at 1:30 p.m. every Saturday afternoon for an hour and a half at the downtown library.



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